Arwa Twinflex flexible spout tap


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Water, exactly where you need it: the arwa-twinflex

With its groundbreaking flexible spout system, the arwa-twinflex allows the water to be directed exactly where it’s needed. The flexible spout can be moved to any position and stops there. Its unusually versatile functionality is captured in an eye-catching design that blends the successful classic arwa-twin with a dynamic and distinctive spout element.

Function and technology

The flexible spout

This is fashioned from three layers: a synthetic water-bearing hose contained within a flexible metal hose to define the form, which in turn is inserted into a high-quality and durable synthetic PVC sheath – this is what gives the arwa-twinflex its attention-grabbing looks. The spout itself and the head containing the aerator can both be turned through 360° for maximum flexibility

New mixing technology – the versatile “Trigon”

“Trigon” offers convenience, hygiene and safety – it saves water, too:
– safety and energy conservation thanks to a temperature limiter;
– water conservation thanks to a flow limiter;
– convenient and hygienic with a clearly delineated flow and temperature control; the system stays hygienically sealed at all operating lever positions.

Choice of operating positions

The operating lever of in-built faucets with high-level spouts may be positioned at the left, right or frontally as preferred.

Spherical cap

The integrated spherical cap allows in-built mixers to be fitted vertically, even with inclined support surfaces.


The arwa-twinflex is available in chrome finish. The flexible spout in its high-quality flexible sheath comes in four colours: Orange, Pigeon blue, Beige-grey, Black.

The spout systems are also available separately and can be retrofitted to existing arwa-twin sink mixers with swivel spouts.
The coloured outer sheaths are available separately and can be swapped quickly and easily.


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