Abode ARNON Contemporary Design Aquifier Filter Mixer Tap Stainless Steel

CODE: AT2108


  • The Arnon Aquifier monobloc filter tap combines contemporary modern styling with engineering excellence
  • Abode Aquifier water filter taps are designed to improve the overall taste, smell and appearance of drinking water, giving a crystal clear source of water for you and your family to enjoy, without having to compromise on style.
  • Water filter taps can provide almost unlimited supplies of freshly filtered water inexpensively at a moments notice, cleaning your water of chlorines and harmful organic compounds as it passes over the 5-micron activated carbon filter.
  • This will substantially improve the taste, remove discolouration and significantly reduce scale build up, particularly in water-using domestic appliances.
  • Aquifier filters are simple to install and replace, and have long service replacement intervals of up to 6 months for a family of five
  • Min 0.3 Bar Pressure Required
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