DMP HELLO 200 Series Electronic Dual Sensor Controlled Mixer Tap



Hello, the tap you need.

Hello, nice to serve you.

The first electrical appliance in the kitchen.

Perhaps you have never realised that the appliance you use most in the kitchen is the tap: you turn it on and off on average 100 times a day, against the 30 times you use your fridge and the 5 or 10 times you use your classic or microwave oven. DMP have realized it, this is why Hello has been created.

the one you need more.

Hello follows your movements and turns the water on only when you need it, turning it off automatically when you don’t need it any more: without touching it, you turn it on when your hands are busy and without wetting them. A movement of your hand is enough, as simple as waving. That’s it, Hello.

Functional design

• Refined and ergonomic lines

• Intuitive and simple use

• Daily gestures made easier

Water saving

• Optimized water management

• Maximum efficiency in water supply

• Up to 50% reduction in water use

Consumption economy

• Lower water bills

• Less use of electricity

• Battery replacing only every 3 years

Technical specifications

• Electronic circuit with DMP Dual Sensor technology

• Adjustable sensor range of action from 5 to 25 cm

• Powered by 2 AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries

• Emergency working in case of flat batteries

• Low battery warning: a led on front sensor

• Autonomy of batteries: 3 year battery life with an average of 200 activations per day

• Chrome plated brass body containing electronics, batteries and solenoid valve

• Software programmed microchip for perfect function control

• Anti-waste function with water turning off after 3 minutes of continuous flow

• 360° totally rotating spout on all models

Simplicity and functionality.

Hello makes your life easier. You use it in an intuitive way because the only thing you have to do is approach it. Thanks to the dual sensor which detects your presence and answers your request for water at once, turning on just for the time necessary. It has been tested on your movements in the kitchen and is calibrated to make every daily action of yours easier, it needs no particular maintenance and is easy to mount, like any type of tap. Furthermore, it always works: its emergency working mode ensures manual turning on during lack of feeding and in case of flat batteries.

On-Off Sensor

To turn the water on or off, pass your hand in front of the front sensor; if it’s left on, Hello will automatically turn off after 3 minutes.

Eco-Flow Sensor

To turn on the water, put your hands or a container near the vertical sensor; the water will turn off at once when you move away.

A movement is enough and it understands you at once.

Hello manages the water flow in an intelligent way, turning on when you approach it and switching off when you move away, but if you wish, you can increase the water flow time: the continuous water flow sensor lets you have a longer water jet even when you are absent, planning to automatically turn off after 3 minutes. Discover all the ways it can be used on the Hello video tutorial .. and amaze yourself.

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