Zip HydroTap DOMSAN4 All-in-one Boiling/Chilled/Sparkling/Filtered/Hot & Cold WaterTap


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Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling PLUS Hot & Cold water -instantly- with new Zip Hydrotap All-in-One!

Zip Hydro Tap "All-in-One" range of boiling water heaters offer up to an enormous 240 cups of filtered instant boiling water and an endless supply  of chilled and/or filtered water per hour PLUS hot and cold water - at the touch of a tap!

Zip HydroTap All in One uses less power to run than a 50 Watt globe*, saves water in a variety of ways our competitors cannot claim and uses smart technology to tailor operation to your needs exactly - thereby saving even more energy!

Now a single tap can service all your kitchen's water needs: rinsing & washing dishes,  food prep, faster pasta, baking, rinsing fruit, degreasing, infant formula (to name a few) as well as all your delicious hot and cold drinks. Amazing!

And of course the Zip HydroTap is the best way to deliver convenient, delicious Instant Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water for use by your staff, clients and guest

- Boiling filtered water, instantly.
- Chilled filtered water, instantly.
- Sparkling filtered water, instantly.
- Both the boiling and chilled water are pumped so that the water at the tap is delivered at the correct temperature, with no wasted energy or water.
- Plus mixer giving controlled flow of hot and cold water.
- Swivel spout covers two sinks.
- Red light shows boiling is ready.
- Blue light shows chilled is ready.
- Fingertip control for filling cups.
- Hands-free filling for large pots.
- Safety lock requires finger/thumb operation to access boiling water.
- Sleeps when unused for 2 hours (choice of power down or power off).
- Light shows when in sleep mode.
- Finger-touch wakes from sleep mode.
- Programmable 24/7 timer cuts off power when kitchen is unoccupied.
- Power-PulseĀ™ energy saving technology allows the system to self-regulate power usage to changing demands.
- Air cooled system, not water cooled (does not dump water to waste).
- Superior sub-micron water filter.
- Boiling filtered water always on tap for tea, coffee, hot drinks and cooking.
- Chilled filtered water always on tap for great-tasting, healthier drinking.
- Hot water on tap, for plate rinsing.
- Cold water on tap, for rinsing foods. - Eliminates kettles and kettle cords. - Energy-efficient, reduces power costs.
- Vented model mixes boiling and cold water to give hot water (no hot water service connection is required).
- Non-vented model can be connected to a mains-pressure hot water service (for a higher volume of hot water).
- Finish: bright chrome

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