Zip HydroTap DOMBC4 Boiling/Chilled/Filtered Water Tap


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When it comes to providing boiling water for beverages or cooking, and chilled water for refreshing drinks, Zip HydroTap is the ultimate in convenience. It dispenses both with an impressive flow rate that makes it so easy to fill cups or jugs, glasses, bottles or saucepans for cooking. Make tea, coffee or any hot beverage in an instant. Pour a glass of chilled filtered water whenever you like. Speed up cooking by having boiling water at the touch of a tap. Zip HydroTap pays for itself, saving time, energy and money every day. And you can install it where it suits you - at the sink, or on a work top with the specially designed Tap Font.

Make tea and coffee in an instant

Zip HydroTap saves so much time. There's no more waiting for water to boil, and no need to buy or store bulky, expensive bottled water in the fridge ever again; it's so convenient and very simple to operate. Push the red lever for instant filtered boiling water and the blue lever for freshly filtered chilled water. Pull up either lever until it locks "on" to fill pots, cafetieres and bottles safely and easily.

Safer than a kettle

The stylish chrome Zip HydroTap is an elegant addition to any kitchen. Unlike an ordinary tap, it doesn't have to be installed on or at a sink. With its unique font it can be mounted on virtually any work top where plumbing and electrics are available, giving flexibility of installation to meet interior design requirements.

Healthy drinks

With Zip HydroTap, hot and cold drinks taste so much better because the water is freshly filtered. The inbuilt filtration system removes contaminants from the water supply that can affect the taste and odour. This means you can always enjoy the freshest tasting drinks. And filtered boiling water does wonders for cooking!

To make sure your water is always pure and fresh, a filter replacement light indicates when the filter needs replacing. Replacement filtration cartridges are as easy to change as a light bulb and do not require you to turn off the water supply.

The clever, compact design makes it easy and safe to fill cups, glasses, pots and cafetieres. Better still, the boiling, chilling and filtration unit is installed out of sight under the work top or sink.


Zip HydroTap has been designed especially with the user in mind. The easy to operate, non-slip levers on the cool touch tap indicate clearly red for boiling water and blue for chilled. There is also the option of oversize levers for those with physical disabilities.

“The Zip Domestic Range has been created to be the ultimate in drinking water convenience.”


60 Boiling cups and 85 Chilled glasses per hour - and there's even more great features with the award-winning 4th generation Zip HydroTap:

• Instant filtered boiling water for tea, coffee and hot foods—no more kettles
• Instant filtered chilled drinking water from the same tap—no more bottled water to buy, store or handle
• Both the boiling and chilled water are pumped so that the water at the tap is delivered at the correct temperature, with no wasted energy or water
• Integral child safety lock – if needed – requires finger/thumb operation
• Cool touch tap
• Steady stream of boiling water with no splatter and minimum steam
• Optional font allows installation away from sink
• Super compact design with integral filter, fits most kitchens undersink areas where space can be a problem
• Power-Pulse™ energy saving technology allows the system to self-regulate power usage to changing demands
• Hibernation mode allows the system to totally power-down after 2 hours of non-use
• ‘Sleeps-when-inactive’ allows the system to partially powerdown after 2 hours of non-use, but still maintain stored ‘boiling’ water at 65°C
• Programmable 24 hour 7 day timer provides ‘power on - power off’ periods to ensure maximum energy saving
• Integral triple action submicron filter
• Removes impurities smaller than one thousandth of a millimetre
• Removes parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
• Reduces dirt, rust, asbestos fibres and heavy metals
• Removes Chlorine odour and taste
• Choice of limescale filtration systems for installation in hardwater areas
• Under-sink unit dimensions WxDxH: 430x430x337

Zip HydroTap is so simple to operate!

Push the boiling or chilled lever to fill cups or glasses.

Pull lever until it "locks on" to fill pots, plungers and bottles safely and easily.


Digital Operation means your Zip HydroTap can be programmed to fill any size vessel, hands-free! For example a cup or pot you use every day.

Boiling and Chilled volumes are independent, so your favourite cup and your refillable Gym Drinking-Bottle each have their individual volumes stored separately!


Use Instant Boiling Water for:

1. Delicious tea and coffee
2. Faster Pasta
3. Instant noodles
4. Instant Soup
5. Blanching fruit and vegetables
6. Boiling eggs in 3mins (not 10!)
7. Peeling tomatoes
8. Making Jelly
9. Sterilising bottles and pots
10. Warming plates

Use Chilled Filtered Water for:

1. Refreshing healthy drinks
2. Cordial
3. Faster ice cubes
4. Making Jelly
5. Washing salad, fruit & veges
6. Cooling pasta for Children
7. Drinks for School/The Gym/The Beach




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