Quooker Design Boiling Water Tap


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Usage Safety

The Quooker has a push-and-turn mechanism to prevent unwanted operation. This ensures that children cannot be scalded by the boiling water.
Adjustable outflow
The outflow can swivel and be adjusted in height. This enables you to set it to a convenient height.
Descaling the aerator
It is advisable to remove limescale from the aerator regularly by removing it from the tap and placing it in vinegar. The intervals at which descaling is required depend on the water hardness. Regular descaling will ensure that the aerator does not block and spray water.
Indicator lamp
The indicator lamp on the tap indicates whether the tank is heating up. If the Quooker is not used the indicator will light up several times an hour for short periods. It will also light up once you start the flow of boiling water. If the indicator flashes, the tank is not heating up. In that case you have to reset the unit by switching it off briefly with the power switch, and then switching it on again. If the indicator keeps flashing please contact the manufacturer.
Use of the Quooker

When filling a cup, teapot, pan, etc. with boiling water you should keep it close to the aerator because some of the boiling water may spray around due to the steam.


The Quooker is multi-functional and has an endless number of uses. The most obvious one is making a cup of tea, but it can also be used to poach fish, fill a pasta pan with boiling water, blanch vegetables, warm up plates and serving dishes, rinse baby bottles, peel tomatoes, or remove candle wax, to name but a few. With the Quooker, all this is done before you know it. Getting out the biscuits takes longer than making a cup of tea.


01 Tea for one, two or twenty

02 A fresh pot of coffee on tap

03 Instant soups & sauces

04 Baby formule milk made in a moment

05 Sterilising baby bottles and dummies

06 Blanching fruits and vegetables

07 Peeling tomatoes

08 Boiling eggs

09 Filling pasta, noodle and rice pans

10 Heating up plates and serving dishes

11 Boiling water for green vegetables

12 Sterilising pots for jam-making

13 Removing wax from candlesticks

14 Washing-up greasy pots and pans

15 Rinsing blenders and liquidisers

16 Cleaning animal feeding dishes

17 Topping up casseroles and soups

18 Filling hot water bottles

19 Melting stock cubes or gravy granules

20 Keeping wooden chopping boards sterile


All that’s needed to install a Quooker is a socket and a water supply. For your plumber, installing the Quooker is a routine job. The Quooker comes with a handy installation kit to help easy fitting, including a pressure relief valve.

Installation Guide: www.quooker.com/downloads/uk/pdf/installationguide.pdf

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