Aquatap Boiling and Chilled Tap 200262

CODE: 200262

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Aquatap Boiling and Chilled is a combination of our surface mounted dispenser tap with separate under-counter water-boiling and ice bank chiller units, linked directly to the mains cold water supply. In addition to the benefits of our Aquatap Boiling, our Aquatap Boiling and Chilled also provides up to 150 cups of perfectly chilled water one after the other, which is vital for keeping refreshed and hydrated, especially in the summer months.

Whilst boiling and chilled water are delivered from the same dispensing tap, there are separate feeds for the water-boiling unit and the chilled supply. Our experience tells us that separate units provide easier maintenance, better performance and improved reliability of your system.


  • Modern appliance design
  • Under counter design maximises
  • Intelliboil™ Plus technology for the efficient management of the boiling water cycle
  • Boiling water safety switch
  • Over-boil protection switch
  • Easy installation
  • Integral electronic water conditioner to reduce scale
  • Engineering grade thermoplastic water container
  • Modular construction ensures easy maintenance
  • LED indicators for boiling water status
  • Choice of filter or non-filter
  • Chrome finish Aquatap dispenser
  • Up to 30 cups of boiling water immediate draw-off
  • Up to 80 cups of chilled water immediate draw-off
  • Two year warranty with on-site support
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK