Cave 55 Wine Cabinet Drawers

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Cave 55
The award·winning Norcool Cove 55 is a wine cooling system for serious wine lovers. Its built-under big·capacity design features a specially created soft-close drawer system for easy access.This makes wine selection on effortless, enjoyable process. Its large internal capacity allows the connoisseur to store up to 55 standard 75cl bottles of wiine, using two temperature zone technology to set the drinking temperature between 8°C  to I2°C  in the lower zone and between 15°C to 18°C in the upper zone, creating the perfect drinking temperatures for red, white and rose wine.
The Cave 55 won the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. 

Tinted Door Glass
• Ultro Violet resistant door glass for the protection of wine from the harmful effect of the sun.
• Tempered safety glass

Led lighting
• Minimum energy consumption
• Better illumination
• No heat generation which can damage wine. • Automatlc light dimming when the door is opened or closed.

Strong mechanism
• Drawer mechanism is robust and durable with the adavatage of easy access to the soft closing shelves.
• Shock absorption when closing.

Two temperature zones
• Two independent storage zones in the same cooler .
• Each zone is digitally controlled and maintains the petfect serving conditions for red, white and rose wine

Smart shelves
• lnnovative wine shelves, make it possible to lay bottles either horizontally or vertically
• Easy access to every shelf.

Exterior Dimensions
• W 795 x H 820 x D 565 mm

Niche Dimensions
• W 800 x H 820 x D 565 mm