Cave 40 Wine Cabinet

CODE: 0512400

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The Cave 40 offers perfect wine storage for connoisseurs who love to savour their wine with friends. lts ideal  for everyday use but offers a Iarge storage
capacity for 40 standard 75cl bottles of wine, meaning there's room for wine to suit everyone's tastes.
A drinking temperature between 8°C to 15°C, covering tho spectrum of perfect drinking temperatures for red, white and rose wine.

Led lighting
• Minimum energy consumption
•Better illumination
• No heat generation which can damage wine.

Wooden shelves
•Genuine adjustable oak wooden shelves

Tinted Door Glass
• Ultra Violet resistant door glass for the protection of wine from the harmful effects of the sun
• Tempered safety glass

Exterior Dimensions
• W 595 x H 820 x D 546 mm

Niche Dimensions
• W 600 x H 820 x D 580 mm