Norcool 2.1 Integrated Corner Fridge with Stainless Steel Door

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Corner fridge

Many of our culinary traditions are the result of creative experimenting. In the past, people invented ingenious ways of storing food: milk was stored in leather bags and watched carefully while the curds separated from the whey, there were storehouses built on pillars, larders and potato cellars. There was also time.

Today, after several decades of large freezers,efficient low-price chain stores and ready-made dinners, the pendulum is swinging back. The kitchen is where we reclaim time for the family & friends. It is where we plan the party and prepare the meal. Norcool helps us to take care of the raw ingredients. Our corner fridge can fit in with your kitchen or stand out as a feature and is also available as a freestanding model.

It gives you all the chilling space you have dreamt of within reach. What shall we eat today? What a relief to be able to make the decisions in front of a door in your own kitchen instead of dithering at the supermarket counter!

For integration

The Norcool corner fridge can be integrated
into all types of kitchens and into both 2.10
m and ceiling-height kichen units.
Fitted with wooden panels
If you want the doors to harmonise with your other kitchen appliances, Norcool can supply door panels of brushed steel with the corner fridge.
If desired, the corner fridge can be completely disguised by covering it with the same surface as the rest of the kitchen furniture or appliances.

The corner fridge is designed to take 60 cm wooden panels and can be integrated into both 210 cm and ceiling-height units.
Ventilation and air circulation
Ventilation is an important aspect of built-in appliances. The refrigeration system must have access to air and be able to discharge warm air in order to function properly. This can be achieved by building the (supplied) ventilation grid into the base. Make sure that the supplied ventilation duct and the extra ventilation grid are properly fitted above the corner fridge in ceilingheight kitchen units.

We have also planned for the use of the space between the side walls of the corner fridge and the room walls for ventilation. This will prevent build-up of condensation, which can cause damp and rot. Factory fitted spacers can be used to maintain this space.

Technical information

Exterior dimensions 1,015 mm x 1,015 mm
Exterior height min. 2,095 mm to max. 2,145 mm
  (adjustable feet)
Useful volume 1,200 litres
Temperature range 2 -10° C
Noise level approx. 35 dba
Shelves standard 5 levels covered with hardened glass,
  4 levels with wire shelves and 1 level with wire baskets
Power consumption  
Wh/day/24 °C 2.23 kWh
Lighting fluorescent tube F30W/133 Cool White diameter 26 mm
Defrosting automatic
Insulation polyurethane foam - CFC free
Cooling agent R134A
Door hanging optional right or left
Weight net approx. 145 kg
Max. door weight 45 kg incl. wooden panels and contents
  (actual door weighs 15 kg)
Cable connection length 3.6 m
Compressor Danfoss
Volt/Hz 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Optional extras Bottle shelf, extra shelves, 9-part convenience kit, cladding/
  trims in brushed steel, ventilation duct for ceiling-height
  kitchen fittings
  Door handles are supplied by your kitchen fittings supplier.

Product Information