Quatreau Taps

Elegance and purity combine to bring you Quatreau™, the world's first touch sensitive tap designed for discerning tastes and today's lifestyle.

Quatreau™ represents the evolution of tap design bringing water purity and function to the centre stage in your kitchen.

Embracing a new era in design, Quatreau™ delivers complete functionality creating the only tap you'll ever need. With a modular approach you can build the system that suits you. Boiling, chilled and carbonated comes with optional patented RODI system, the world's most advanced purification process delivering the purest water available, guaranteed purer than all bottled water brands.

Quatreau™ also delivers unfiltered tap water, thermostatically controlled for the inevitable washing and cleaning.

Quatreau™ designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Quatreau Hydrocell 551B

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Quatreau Hydrocell 551BC

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Quatreau Hydrocell 551BCS

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