PEKO ETS1700E Drying cabinet


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PEKO ETS-1700E Drying Cabinet
Electronically controlled with sensor drying

An extremely versatile unit for drying all household laundry, sports and leisure wear. The ETS-1700E drying cabinet also provides ample airing cupboard storage.

The drying cabinet is supplied with 3 sets of hanging rails with the middle and lower position rails hinged so that they can be folded back to allow longer garments to hang freely from the upper set of rails.

Each set of rails can slide on guide channels built into the side panels. In the forward position this can assist the loading process. They can also be individually removed from the cabinet to suit different loading requirements.

The unit can be housed inside a fitted wardrobe or built-in cupboards to suit a particular style of interior design.


  • Kind on your clothes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Space saving and economic to run
  • Ideal for all fabrics - robust or delicate
  • Versatile loading options
  • Heat recycling system
  • Fan assisted ambient air drying
  • Convenient airing cupboard storage
  • Easy to install

Key Features:

  • 4.5kg capacity drying cabinet
  • 1.5kw heating
  • Automatic and timed drying cycles
  • Detachable heater cartridge for easy maintenance
  • Tilting hanging rails
  • Supplied with mains plug
  • Size: 1715mm x 610mm x 595mm
  • Total weight: 56kg
  • Colour: white

Due to the specialist couriers used in delivering PEKO Drying Cabinets certain post code areas will be charged a delivery surcharge. Please phone us to check which areas this applies to.

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