PEKO ED-1900 Drying cabinet

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The new PEKO ED-1900 Drying Cabinet

Floor standing….the versatile, robust, economic drying cabinet

AVAILABLE IN TWO VERSIONS….ideal for industrial workwear, sports, outdoor and leisure wear and for all general laundry requirements. The model R is supplied with 3 sets of hanging rails offering versatile hanging arrangements. The model H is fitted with 6 double hooks in the top of the unit that allows long heavy items to hang freely within the cabinet. The electrically heated cabinet is ideal for drying towels, delicate and mixed fabrics, woollens and silk garments. Also used extensively by the fire and rescue, airport baggage handling, security services and for all staff who are required to work outdoors in all weather conditions. Installing a cabinet in the workplace may also encourage staff to travel to work by alternative means as part of the governments green travel initiative and Cycle to Work scheme.

The new ED-1900 is an entry model into the commercial range, however is also suitable for household laundry rooms. This is a versatile drying cabinet with either ceiling hooks or hanging rails and has manual controls for ease of use. The ED-1900 is a vented model.

This cabinet has added robustness due to an integral plinth, and the feet can be adjusted to increase the overall height by 15 mm. The ED-1900 is also supplied with a heavy duty door, suitable for frequent use in multi-user situations.

The ED-1900H is fitted with 6 double hooks attached to the ceiling and is ideal for commercial and leisure applications where there is a need to dry long garments or heavy outdoor clothing. One or two fold-back rail sets (lower and/ or middle) can also be supplied for added versatility. 

The ED-1900R drying cabinet has 3 rails on the door and is fitted with 3 sets of internal hanging rails – the lower and middle sets can fold backwards to allow longer garments to hang freely from the upper set of rails. They can also slide out to facilitate the loading process. 

The door is supplied right-hand hinged, as standard but can be speficied with a left-hand hinge.

All Peko Drying Cabinets must be levelled to the floor and securely fixed to a wall.

Product Features

  • Up to 6 kg load capacity
  • Vented model
  • Manual controls for ease of use
  • Two dial controls for selecting variable temperatures and programme lengths
  • 6 double ceiling hooks H version
  • 3 sets of internal hanging rails (middle and lower sets can fold backwards) R version
  • 3 single door rails
  • Supplied right-hand hinged, as standard
  • 2 kW heating
  • Detachable heater cartridge for easy maintenance
  • Supplied with mains UK plug
  • Total weight: 60 kg
  • Optional shoe and glove racks available

  • Product Specifications
  • LOAD CAPACITY -  Up to 6kg
  • EVAPORATION RATE -  Up to 25g / minute
  • ELECTRICAL SUPPLY -  Single-phase, 230 V, 50/60 Hz 
  • FUSE RATING -  10A
  • TIMER -  Yes Manual timer
  • HEIGHT -  1900mm Height adjustment (plus 15mm)
  • DEPTH -  605mm Overall depth with door pull (630mm)
  • WIDTH -  595mm
  • WEIGHT -  56 / 60kg
  • COLOUR -  White
  • EXHAUST DUCTING -  Diameter 100mm
  • NOISE LEVEL -  Maximum Max 55 dB(A) 
Due to the specialist couriers used in delivering PEKO Drying Cabinets certain post code areas will be charged a delivery surcharge. Please phone us to check which areas this applies to.



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