KWC Taps

KWC taps - designer taps from Switzerland


KWC taps enhance people's appreciation of the precious commodity of water and increase the joy it gives. KWC products embody the traditional values of Swiss craftsmanship, both in their functionality and in their aesthetic.


KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen taps in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC is Water Performance.


Outstanding quality always includes two aspects: the aesthetic form and the functional. It is only what appeals to us that can move us emotionally – and it is only what represents a reliable value that is capable of convincing us over the long term. At KWC, we like to be inspired by nature when designing new faucets so as always to create new, unusual lines from scratch: as durable and resilient as a piece of granite, as impressive and beautiful as a mountain landscape.


Evoking emotions is part of the high art of good product design. In addition to perfect functionality, it is therefore always important to create moods, to stimulate all the senses and to open the heart to aesthetics. By adopting a creative, innovative approach to shapes, colours, materials and technologies, KWC time and again produces faucets with a ‘soul’ that can touch and enthrall, by appealing to the emotions as well as the rational mind.


Feel safe and secure. The desire for harmony is a human longing that finds particular expression at home, within one’s own four walls – and rightly so. This is where we like to be, this is where we like to be able to rely on things. KWC takes the desire for reliability very seriously – with faucets that stand out thanks to their precision, long lifespan, diversity of functions and timeless design. With all these aspects, the focus is on one thing: outstanding Swiss quality.

KWC AVA Single Lever Monobloc Tap with Pul...

£379.00   £274.00

KWC AVA Single Lever Monobloc Tap with Pul...

£304.00   £222.00

KWC AVA Single Lever Monobloc Tap with Pul...

£419.00   £301.00

KWC AVA Single Lever Monobloc Tap with Pul...

£419.00   £301.00

KWC BLISS Tap with Pull-Out Spray

£313.00   £228.00

KWC BLISS Tap with Swivel Spout

£220.00   £164.00

KWC EVE Tap with LUMINAQUA® LED-technology

£966.00   £679.00

KWC EVE Tap with Pull-Out Aerator

£610.00   £433.00

KWC EVE Tap with Pull-Out Aerator and LED ...

£818.00   £576.00

KWC INOX Light 2 Hole Mixer Tap with Pull-...

£1,365.00   £954.00

KWC INOX Monobloc Tap with Pull-Out Spray

£811.00   £572.00

KWC INOX Single Lever Monobloc with Swivel...

£619.00   £439.00