Kohler Sinks & Taps


Living on the edge of design and technology. A single level of quality regardless of price.

Bold Beginings

From an enamelled horse trough nearly 140 years ago to plumbing, furniture, power systems and hospitality services offered today by over 30,000 employees on six continents, Kohler associates define the leading edge by living what we believe.

Since 1873 we’ve forged a reputation that clearly reflects our mission – rife with compelling accomplishments that prove we honour our promises.

This is who we are. And we invite you to take the time to learn more about the composition of Kohler.

Styles change. But some things should never be altered, like our commitment to bold innovation and gracious living. It’s a term we pioneered, and it means that we are dedicated to making sure that our products and services bring charm, good taste and generosity of spirit to the lives of our customers.

KOHLER® products offer intrinsic quality born of tradition. Skills passed down through generations combine with innovative techniques and timeless design to establish the enduring character for which Kohler is known.

There is no substitute for the knowing hand that sculpts the rim of a washbasin or the eye that succinctly measures the thickness of enamel on red-hot cast iron as if by instinct. This experience is bold. This experience is art.

A heritage of making finely crafted bathrooms comes to play in everything we do.

Art enriches life; the experience of using items that are crafted with care and attention to detail elevates experience; these truths have informed the way in which Kohler conceives, designs and creates products.

Traditional materials and contemporary techniques are honed with the skill of the craftsman and the vision of the artist.





Kohler VAULT 3821-1 Single Bowl Stainless ...

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Kohler VAULT 3822-1 Single Bowl Stainless ...

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Kohler VAULT 3823-1 Double Offset Bowl Sta...

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Kohler VAULT 3838-1 Double Equal Bowl Stai...

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Kohler VAULT 3839-1 Double Offset Bowl Sta...

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Kohler VAULT 3840-1 Single Bowl Stainless ...

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