ABK i-Cooking ICGX0212 Two Burner Gas Hob to fit directly into the worktop


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i-Cooking gas hobs in stone and composite worktops

Worktop materials

The i-Cooking concept is suitable for installation in virtually any worktop material such as composite, granite, glass and concrete. The proven benefits of i-Cooking in stainless steel are now available for all types of worktops; the individual wishes and sometimes needs to be able to design your gas hob.

ABK InnoVent has, with this by KIWA gastec approved i-Cooking concept deliberately chosen for a special innovative solution. The patented, floating, air-cooled pan supports in combination with the burner mounting plate allows, in addition to a distinctive appearance, for a number of technical and production benefits.

The technical part

The design uses the same high-end burner systems, up to 6.4 kW (depending on the used gas family), which we apply in our 4 mm stainless steel i-Cooking variant and is based on a dual, optical floating, air-cooled heat insulating pan support in combination with an underlying burner mounting plate. The burner mounting plate is clamped onto the worktop using a high temperature-resistant silicone o-ring. The diameter of the pan support communicates directly the maximum pan diameter that may be may be placed on the burner. By the patented double layer construction the combustion air is sucked between the pan support and the mounting plate and cools down both parts. This airflow also cools down de worktop surrounding the burners. And due to the diameter of the pan supports, the worktop is shielded from the direct heat radiation of the burner flames. This construction, combined with an aluminium heat sink, integrated with the housing, makes that the increase in temperature of the worktop material is extremely low. As a result, the worktop is barely heated (delta T of <38 degree Celsius) and there are minimal temperature stresses in the worktop materials, resulting in a longer lifespan of the worktop. Also surface discoloration, especially in the lighter colours will be avoided.

By the chosen construction, each burner has its own drip plate, which combines to a pan support. The pan support covers the entire area around the burner. This area is generally hard to clean by protruding parts such as spark igniters and thermocouples. Unlike conventional gas hobs the upper part of the double layer pan support can easily be removed and be cleaned in the dishwasher. In fact, you put your drip plate of your conventional hob in the dishwasher.


i-Cooking gas burner details

For the i-Cooking appliances we chose only the best materials available. This also goes for the gas burners, no compromises on the heart of the cooktop. Therefore, we chose the top burners of Isphording. These are famous for their amazing control range and high energy efficiency. The i-Cooking burner together with the open form of the grates resulted in one of the highest achieved energy efficiencies in the cooktop industry.


All burners are fitted with electric spark ignition, activated by pressing down the knobs.


Each burner is equipped with a thermocouple protection censor. The gas flow to the burners is automatically shutoff within 15 seconds after the censor detects that the flame is extinguished.


The i-Cooking system uses 4 burner types:

Wok burner 5.8kW , 2-ringburner with a control range of 0.18-5.8kW for natural gas and 0.18-6.4kW for propane gas

Power burner 3.0kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.64-3.0kW

Standard burner 1.7kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.32-1.7kW

Simmer burner 1.0kW , 1-ringburner with a control range of 0.20-1.0kW

In the predefined setups the burner positions and power ranges are fixed, but you can also decide to design your own custom cooktop. The criteria for your own design are listed in the following pdf document. You now have the possibility to design your ultimate cooktop.


i-Cooking knob details

Solid stainless steel

ABK InnoVent is known as a manufacturer of high quality stainless steel products and it was obvious that the knobs on the i-Cooking cooktops could only be made of metal. By the first touch you'll instantly feel the difference between a metal knob and stainless steel coated knob made off plastic as usually found on most of the cooktops.

Etched screening

The scaling is etched on a ANSI304 inox ring so that it will stick forever. It is impossible to brush it off with the usual cleaning detergents, in contrast to the widely used, painted prints.

The screen-ring is embedded in a graceful black plastic ring which also prevents liquid from dropping down through the gas tap-hole into the cooktop.


i-Cooking burnergrate details

 Solid stainless steel

Like the knobs the pan supports are also made of stainless steel. No less than 6mm thick stainless steel is used. Together with a 4mm stainless steel top we get a perfect, harmonious cooktop. Everyone sees in a glance that they belong together. The usual alternatives for gas-cooktops are porcelain enamelled cast iron pan supports, but that did not have the looks we wanted for a stainless steel cooktop. An additional advantage is that a stainless steel grate cannot rust something a damaged cast iron grate will do.

Black porcelain enamelled

Would you like to build-in i-Cooking in worktops with a different colour, such as stone or composite worktops, then you might prefer the black porcelain enamelled pan supports instead of the stainless steel ones. Working closely with our enamelling specialist a unique patented process is developed to enamel stainless steel pan supports. This process maintains the sleek design of the pan supports, something that would not be possible with the cast iron ones.

The choice is up to you:

Depending on what system you choose you have several choices:


The i-Cooking system suitable for all sheet materials, such as granite and composite, comes standard with black enamelled pan supports. Stainless steel pan supports are not possible here.