ABK i-cooking Concept


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The i-Cooking concept - the philosophy behind it

Reddot design award winner

In 2008 the i-Cooking concept achieved a Gold Award in the reddot design awards. Based on this concept, ABK InnoVent developed a unique line of gas and induction hobs. The i-Cooking concept distinguishes itself from common hobs by the way the worktop material remains visible between the gas burners.

The main idea behind the i-Cooking system consists of two components:

  • The flush-mounting of a gas burner system into a worktop.
  • The burner positions can be adjusted to the needs of the user.

Integration with the worktop

i-Cooking concept - The worktop materials stays visable between the burnersIn the traditional gas hobs the burners are usually mounted on top of a metal dripplate or glass ceramic sheet. Because of this construction method it is very difficult to flush-mount them into a worktop. Usually, they are just mounted on top of the worktop. A common complaint on these cooktops is that all corners, seams and crevices are difficult to clean. With a i-Cooking cooktop these problems are gone forever. Through a unique, patented mounting principle the dripplate is removed and thus all edges and seams where dirt can accumulate are gone. It also gives a unique look to the worktop, because it becomes part of the worktop instead something that is just added to it.

Optimized configurations

Larger burner distancesTo give you an idea of what is possible with i-Cooking cooktops we have a number of predefined formats. The starting point for the design was to get the most useful working space between the burners. The limiting factor is the kitchen cabinet that usually sits under a cooktop, a cooktop often cannot be larger than the cabinet size. A second factor is the depth of the worktop. For a worktop with a rear mounted wall the pans need to be at a certain minimum distance from the rear so the wall won’t get to hot. This limits the depth of the cooktop. The predefined cooktops are suitable for cabinet widths of 900, 1000 and 1200mm and a worksheet depth of 600mm with a 20mm rear wall mounted on top it.


i-Cooking gas hobs in stone and composite worktops

Worktop materials

i-Cooking ICGX Gascooker in granite worktop

The i-Cooking concept is suitable for installation in virtually any worktop material such as composite, granite, glass and concrete. The proven benefits of i-Cooking in stainless steel are now available for all types of worktops; the individual wishes and sometimes needs to be able to design your gas hob.

ABK InnoVent has, with this by KIWA gastec approved i-Cooking concept deliberately choosen for a special innovative solution. The patented, floating, air-cooled pan supports in combination with the burner mounting plate allows, in addition to a distinctive appearance, for a number of technical and production benefits.

The technical part

The design uses the same high-end burner systems, up to 6.4 kW (depending on the used gas family), which we apply in our 4 mm stainless steel i-Cooking variant and is based on a dual, optical floating, air-cooled heat insulating pan support in combination with an underlying burner mounting plate. The burner mounting plate is clamped onto the worktop using a high temperature-resistant silicone o-ring. The diameter of the pan support communicates directly the maximum pan diameter that may be may be placed on the burner. By the patented double layer construction the combustion air is sucked between the pan support and the mounting plate and cools down both parts. This airflow also cools down de worktop surrounding the burners. And due to the diameter of the pan supports, the worktop is shielded from the direct heat radiation of the burner flames. This construction, combined with an aluminum heat sink, integrated with the housing, makes that the increase in temperature of the worktop material is extremely low. As a result, the worktop is barely heated (delta T of <38 degree celcius) and there are minimal temperature stresses in the worktop materials, resulting in a longer lifespan of the worktop. Also surface discoloration, especially in the lighter colors will be avoided.
i-Cooking ICGX Gaskookplaat in a keramic worktop
By the chosen construction, each burner has its own dripplate, which combines to a pan support. The pan support covers the entire area around the burner. This area is generally hard to clean by protruding parts such as spark igniters and thermocouples. Unlike conventional gas hobs the upper part of the double layer pan support can easily be removed and be cleaned in the dishwasher. In fact, you put your dripplate of your conventional hob in the dishwasher.

ICI induction cooktops, an extremely flexible cooking appliance concept

i-Cooking induction bespoke configurationinduction header

Design your own layout

i-Cooking induction is a unique concept for induction cooking, where the separate induction fields can be freely placed to your own liking and in any worktop material.

It is extremely easy to mount i-Cooking induction elements and they are suitable for the flat recessed build-in method as well as on top of the worktop. The system with three or four induction fields can be adjusted to your own worktop size. Each induction field is linked separately with the Central powerunit and a separate touch control. The system uses the latest technology in induction systems and offers a lot of comfort by the extra features. With the defined sets of 3 and 4 induction elements, you can easily create your own layout of the hob. In addition to the application of these sets in our stainless steel worktops, the system can also be fitted into other worktop materials such as stone, composite, plastic, concrete, ed. The relevant recesses will then have to be made by your worktops supplier.

Combination with separate wok burner

ICI0302A 3 element induction combined with a wok gasburner
Even more unique is the system when you combine it with an i-Cooking gashob. A 3 or 4-element induction together with the 1-burner wok gashob is a commonly used combination.