Steam Ovens

Cooking with steam has long been a preferred method for certain vegetables and meat selections.Steam oven manufacturers claim that their ovens not only reduce cooking time but also lower the fat content of food,steam cooking also retains more vitamins than other cooking methods and is therefore touted as a far healthier way of preparing foods.

This oven is usually built into or under a cupboard unit, its height is normally 45cm It has a single door, usually with a bottom hinge but models are available with either left or right hand hinges, it has a single chamber with trays and racks. Either touch controls or rotary switches to set it's functions.


Kuppersbusch CBA6550.0S Built-in Compact O...


Kuppersbusch CBD6550.0G Built-in Compact C...


Kuppersbusch CBD6550.0S Built-in Compact C...


Kuppersbusch CBD6550.0W Built-in Compact C...


Kuppersbusch CD6350.0S Built-in Compact St...


Miele DG1050 50cm wide Freestanding Steam ...

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Miele DG3460BL 60cm Steam Oven Black

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Miele DG3460CLST 60cm Steam Oven Clean Steel

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Miele DG5040CLST Steam Oven

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Miele DG5061BL Steam Oven Black

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Miele DG5061CLST Steam Oven Black Clean Steel

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Miele DG5080ALU 60cm Steam Oven Touch Cont...

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