Single Ovens

This oven is usually built into or under a cupboard unit. It has a single door, usually with a bottom hinge but models are available with either left or right hand hinges, it has a single chamber with trays and racks. Either touch controls or rotary switches to set it's functions.

Single Ovens offer a wide range of features including a various cooking functions, top and or bottom heating, fan heating and a grill, halogen lighting, glass door. They are available with Pyrolytic for effortless  maintenance or easy clean Catalytic liners


Kuppersbusch B6330.0S Built-in Oven


Kuppersbusch B6350.0S Built-in Oven


Kuppersbusch B6550.0G Built-in Oven Grey


Kuppersbusch B6550.0S Built-in Oven


Kuppersbusch B6850.0S Built-in Oven

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Kuppersbusch BP6350.0S Built-in Pyrolytic ...


Kuppersbusch BP6550.0S Built-in Pyrolytic ...


Kuppersbusch BP6550.0W Built-in Pyrolytic ...


Kuppersbusch BP6850.0G Built-in Pyrolytic ...

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Kuppersbusch BP6850.0S Built-in Pyrolytic ...

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Kuppersbusch CBP6550.0G Built-in Pyrolytic...


Kuppersbusch CBP6550.0S Built-in Pyrolytic...