Joko Domus Auxilium Teppan Yaki Grill Cart

CODE: 697110

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The teppan yaki grill cart from joko domus is made for perfect cooking results. the special technique of the stainless steel griddle assures best temperature distribution and constant power. a must for passionate cooks which love to prepare fresh ingredients while enhancing natural taste and create punctual flavours. on the fry top teppan yaki griddle from jokodomus you can cook and fry without additional fat and unhealthy burning on; and also you can prepare different food in sequence without taste transmission. a smart technology; and finally also the cleansing is easy to do.

temperature zones |  2
external dimensions |  100x57 h91
griddle dimensions |  48x41
weight |  63 kg
supply |  230V
output |   3200 W
consumption |  ~ 0,8 kWh
protection |  16 A
plug type |  schuko type F
corpus |  hornbeam
griddle type |  teppan yaki

Joko Domus