ABK BEGA Wall Mounted Extractor


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BEGA [= Big]

In the traditional and modern-classical designs, the range cookers complete the kitchen. In the same style, the sturdy BEGA extractor is fitted with matching powerful motors, suitable for the most demanding extraction capacities. To make it even easier, we set up 4 predefined INCH dimensions. The BEGA is also very suitable for many custom made possibilities in dimensions, forms and details like professional labyrinth filters, infra-red heat lamps etcetera. Instead of the traditional chimney, we can fit the BEGA with a motor outlet, directly to the back, enabling it to plan the extractor in the same line as the cabinets.


depth variable 50-65cm,
height variable 40-110cm
internal motor 1070 m3/H
outlet Ø150m
rated load 340W + lights
square halogen lights
seamless chimney with custom height <1000mm
other custom made possibilities on application, for example:
diagonal placed filter part [industrial design]
professional stainless steel labyrinth filters
infra-red warmth lights
traditional built-in-between chimney

ABK extractors and its motors work best with Compair Flow ducting systems; click on the link for more details:

Compair flow Ducting