ABK WALILLI Island Extractor


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WALILLI [= Thin]


This extractor integrates the functional and decorative advantages of perimeter extraction within a mere 5cm thick edge design! The charcteristic slotted, patented ® Accelair panels can easily be taken out and washed in your dishwasher. The WALILLI is also optionallyavailable in any powdercoated RAL colour finish [perimeter panels and light panel always remain in stainless steel] Because of the extreme slim design, the custom made possibilities regarding the dimensions are limited.


internal motor 755m3/H
outlet Ø150mm
rated load 200W + lights
accelair® panels
square halogen lights
chimney height h=800mm
optionally 750mm or 850mm, no surcharge
powdercoated RAL colour finish, on application [surcharge]

ABK extractors and its motors work best with Compair Flow ducting systems; click on the link for more details:

Compair flow Ducting