ABK MALAWA Island Extractor


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MALAWA [= Flat land]

MALAWA is the Aboriginal word for "flat land", which is mirrored in this extractor. It looks like the extremely thin 4mm steel line is all there is. But the land covers more than you see at first sight, for example the integrated halogen lights and electronic controls. The design is fully adapted to the natural process of rising warm air. The relatively wide perimeter gap is completely fitted with heavy-duty grease filters, where all fumes are captured, cleaned thoroughly and finally extracted quietly out of the kitchen area.


depth variable 70-100cm
internal motor 1070m3/H
outlet Ø200mm
rated load 340W + lights
square halogen lights
4mm solid stainless steel edge
other custom made possibilities on application


this island extractor has to be built in, or cladded after fitted to the ceiling, make the nessecary preparations!

ABK extractors and its motors work best with Compair Flow ducting systems; click on the link for more details:

Compair flow Ducting