ABK KILPALIE Island Extractor


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KILPALIE [= Cooler]
Perimeter extraction finds it origin in the professional kitchen industry. Because of an extra powerful extraction on the edges, the cooking vapours rising outwards cannot escape anymore. Besides this functional aspect, the removable steel panel covers the grease filters, giving the KILPALIE extractor a clean and minimalistic look. Based on the KILPA extractor, we can offer the same unendless varieties in custom made possibilities and makes the KILPALIE a matching extractor to the other KILPA components.


internal motor 755m3/H
outlet Ø150mm
rated load 200W + lights
round halogen lights
chimney height 800mm
optionally 750 or 850mm, no surcharge

ABK extractors and its motors work best with Compair Flow ducting systems; click on the link for more details:

Compair flow Ducting