ABK KILPA Island Extractor


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KILPA [= Cool]

The original. The basis of many designs and technological developments. With a unique design, mainly focussed on functionality, the KILPA formed our basis as specialist in high end custom made kitchen extractors. Talking about functionality, this is still the very best kitchen extractor, with details like the recessed filter plate, of course with the 12-layered heavy duty grease filters, fitted completely air-tight with magnetic strips. The KILPA wall and island extractors come in a traditional 10cm box design, both timeless as very functional, also with square lights and fit into any kitchen interior. Choose from the many dimensions, or create your own, for example by undermounting a KILPA without chimney.


internal motor 755m3/H
outlet Ø150mm
rated load 200W + lights
square halogen lights
chimney height 800mm | optionally 750 or 850mm, no surcharge

110x110x10 cm:

suitable only for external motor, min. 1060m3/H | to be ordered separately
outlet Ø200mm

ABK extractors and its motors work best with Compair Flow ducting systems; click on the link for more details:

Compair flow Ducting