Compair Flow Star Wall Conduct 150

CODE: KV02031527

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Star rectangular wall vent system   

• The Compair® flow Star Wall vent system prevents warm room air escaping outside which compared with a traditional wall vent system, amounts to daily savings of both energy and cost. This is achieved because the vent cover only remains open when there is air pressure. When there is no air pressure the cover remains in place.
• Advantages:
- Lowest pressure loss of all common wall conducts
- Maximum flow rate of vapour hood
- Low noise generaton by vapour hood
- Optimum heat insulation
- No back pressure shutter required
- No rattling in case of gusts of wind
- Good seal with the vapour hood switched off
- Complies with the requirements of the blower door test
• Comprises
- Round external stainless steel cover:  Ø 220 mm (150 system)
- Duct tube, adjustable length; see below
- Plate
• System: 150
- Plate (H x W): 190 x 180
- Connector depth: 80 mm
- Min. pressure: 150 Pa 
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