Compair Flow Ducting Systems


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Compair® Flow Ducting Systems

The flat duct system advantages are the reduced space required, lower noise levels and less resistance.

This system is ideal in conjuction with the NEERIM extractor and all external and in-line motors.

More performance through 'guidance'

As a result of patented guide vane technology, vapour flows are smoothed in the duct and directed to the outside with very little loss of pressure. Depending on the length of pipe used the Compair® system can reduce pressure loss by upto 79%, compared with the equivalent round duct components.


Whilst also; keeping noise levels down to a minimum, uncomplicated installation and space saving, means the Compair® Flow is one of the best systems on the market


- Lowest pressure loss on the market

- Maximum flow rate from the extractor

- Low noise generated at the extractor and through the ducting

- Optimal heat insulation

- Lower wear and stress of the motor

- Reduced motor power consumption

- No back pressure (with Compair© shutter installed)


- No rattling during operation or external gusts of wind.

The Compair® Flow offers the complete solution for all ducting in the kitchen. With multiple duct size options, various connectors and wall grills, there is a system for all kitchens.

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