Compair Ducting

The Compair® Flow duct system uses patented internal air conductors and rounded edges, generating a more efficient air flow than the regular round Ø150mm alternative. the advantages are the reduced space required, lower noise levels and less resistance.

Of critical importance for the overall efficiency of any kitchen ventilation system is the optimum air flow. The Compair® flow takes its effect from the guide vanes integrated in the most important ducting components. They cause optimum smoothing of the exhaust gases in the deflector, horizontal and vertical bends. Smooth air flow creates substantially less turbulance and fewer impact surfaces. Also reduces motor wear, power consumption, minimal pressure loss and low noise levels

Greater freedom of design is given when using the Compair® flow systems. the outside dimensions of the channels and corner radii enable unobtrusive and space saving planning and installation. The performance figures of the Compair® flow are based on research and development by engineers. Especially the effect of the guide vane technology, which was tested using technical measuring processes and optimised for flow by experts from Osnabruck College in Germany.


Compair F-Bion 150 Deflector 90°

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Compair Flow E-Jal HK Flow 150 Fixed Louve...

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