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Britannia (established 1995) was one of the first companies to introduce range cookers in the UK and we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality range cookers and built-in appliances ever since.

With the all-new Britannia range cooker collection. Designed to delight your senses and help you discover true pleasure in cooking; all Britannia range cookers come with a variety of useful features.

From the ultra-modern Delphi, to the vintage appeal of the Wyre, there's a Britannia to suit every kitchen.

Britannia range cookers blend perfectly with just about any style of kitchen, thanks to the wide variety of both contemporary and classic designs.

Our range cookers are designed to make life in the kitchen more pleasurable and each and every one is manufactured to the very highest quality standards. Take for instance the doors. You know that special clunk you hear when you shut the door on a top quality car? That's the feel you get when you live and work with a Britannia range cooker.

Cooking involves all your senses, so everything designed by Britannia is intended to delight them. You can feel the unmistakable quality of the construction when closing the robust doors. We’ve engineered in quietness, so you can hear the sizzling of steaks on the versatile Chef Top hotplate. And what about the tempting aroma of a Mediterranean flavoured chicken cooked to succulent perfection on the rotisserie? Our cooking instructions are simple: Enjoy!

How about being able to create a range cooker that is entirely unique - a cooker so special that only you own it?

Well that's exactly what Britannia's Colourange allows you to do. It gives you the opportunity to specify exactly what colour you wish your Britannia range cooker to be.

You're free to take your colour inspiration from absolutely anywhere and it can be as outrageous or as subtle a colour as you like.

All you have to do is send Britannia a sample of your desired colour. It could be a kitchen tile, a sheet of paper, a cosmetics swatch or a piece of fabric.

Britannia will send you a paint finished swatch in your chosen shade. Once you are completely satisfied that the colour is matched to perfection, Britannia will custom-finish your cooker and deliver it to your home.

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