Barazza Appliances

Masters of stainless steel

Famed for producing high quality AISI 304 stainless steel worktops and appliances, Barazza is a name synonymous with high performance and advanced design.

Based in Santa Lucia di Piave near Treviso in Northern Italy, Barazza has over 40 years experience in producing appliances that give you the freedom to be creative with your cooking space.

Its distinct ranges include gas and induction hobs, sinks, taps and intelligent multiprogram ovens with the latest functions. Each has its own individual style, so you can find appliances that perfectly suit your kitchen design.

With Barazza there's no compromise on quality and elegance of design. The high grade 304 stainless steel used contains a high level of chrome and nickel, a superior material in terms of sturdiness and hygiene. You'll have a precision-designed kitchen perfect for your cooking requirements.




The Lab hobs feature sunken burners achieving a cooking surface that runs flush with the worktop facilitating the effortless movement of pans both onto and across the hob surface. Once installed, the Lab programme achieves a minimalist, understated elegance. Completed with a range of ovens.



Designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, an exciting new collection of ovens and domino hobs. The range of hobs offers the freedom to choose cooking combinations, from powerful gas options to induction, teppanyaki and a way of bringing the outdoors in with barbecue technology.



The Tao programme features hobs with a very distinctive twist.  The curves which typify the this range offer both a distinctive design opportunity and an ergonomic harmony.


Monoblock Taps

A selection of monoblock taps are available to match any sink design and have been designed featuring Barazza aesthetics and with functionality and practicality in mind.



A unique and stylised collection of sinks, typified by their square bowls.Available with corners of radius 15 and as built-in, flush or undermounted installations.




Barazza 1PLB4 65cm Lab flush and built-in ...


Barazza 1PLB5 90cm Lab flush and built-in ...


Barazza 1PMD64 65cm Built-in Mood Gas Hob ...

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Barazza 1PMD64N 65cm Built-in Mood Gas Hob...

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Barazza 1PMD75 75cm Built-in Mood Gas Hob ...

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Barazza 1PUN64 600mm UNIQUE 4 burner gas hob


Barazza 1PUN75 700mm UNIQUE 5 burner gas hob


Barazza 1PUN95 900mm UNIQUE 5 burner gas hob


Barazza 1RUBMBF1 B_Free One mixer tap


Barazza 1RUBMBFA B_Free Telescopic mixer tap


Barazza 1RUBMLBI Lab In mixer tap


Barazza 1RWJ Cast iron wok adapter

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