Arwa Taps

arwa. The name stands for modern faucets – for people who prefer their design to be uncompromising. Eminent architects choose arwa to achieve a coherent design language for perfect concepts and ideas in bathrooms and kitchens.

A shape reduced to its defining characteristics is frequently the best. This applies to architecture as it does to design, to large as well as smaller items, outdoors and indoors. This philosophy underpins each and every arwa product. It has led to arwa products enjoying particular prominence within the sanitary fittings industry. The employees of this highly traditional brand are rightly proud that water in numerous well-known buildings flows from their sanitary fittings.

Quality is not only reflected in the product but also in our product development, customer service and documentation. To ensure we always offer arwa customers top quality, we attach great importance to the incoming inspection of our raw materials. 

Arwa faucets undergo a comprehensive check for permeability, material faults and surface quality after casting, after sanding & polishing and after galvanisation. In this way, we only sell those products that meet our high quality requirements. As a production company we are also certified to the international quality management system standard ISO 9001.


In the kitchen, it is important that things are within easy grasp. Taps are among the most intensively-used implements, so Similor emphasises products that are easy to use, with useful special features. That, plus design appeal, adds up to a convincing concept.

curve – elegant and curve

The design language of curve discreetly reconciles naturalness with fantasy. Soft organic contours blend into kitchen settings fluidly, lending the scene a sense of lightness and elegance.

twin – timeless and smart

The essence of twin lies in its minimalism. The basic shape of the cylinder is confidently presented, a polished understatement that allows its attractive setting to take centre stage.

city – pure and straight

Exuding confidence on every plane, city makes a statement in the kitchen. With its cubist contours it basks in the limelight and delights in lending every setting a modern character and iconic personality.

Arwa Quadriga Single Lever Monobloc Tap wi...

£525.00   £374.00

Arwa Quadriga Single Lever Monobloc Tap wi...

£442.00   £317.00

Arwa Twinflex flexible spout Sheath in Black

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Arwa Twinflex flexible spout Sheath in Blue

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Arwa Twinflex flexible spout Sheath in Grey

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Arwa Twinflex flexible spout Sheath in Orange

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Arwa Twinflex flexible spout tap

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