From Pioneer to 140 years

Over 140 years ago, a small group of German pioneers came to America to carve out their future. Settling in eastern Iowa, they formed the Amana Colonies, seven small villages that eventually established their place in American folklore by creating high quality products built with a pride and a commitment that was passed down through the generations.

In 1934, Amana native George Foerstner was challenged by a local businessman to make a reliable beverage cooler. The rest, as they say, is history. Amana Appliances was born, rapidly gained recognition and was soon commissioned by the American Government to produce durable walk-in coolers.

By the 50’s the Amana DeepFreeze brand had set the standard for domestic food freezers...a benchmark which was to spread worldwide as global expansion followed.

Now, over 70 years after George built his first refrigerator, Amana is a byword for innovation, performance and inspired design. And those same early values of pride and commitment continue to this day...qualities reflected in a product that defines the word...perfection.


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